Be Brave — Bucks Party Challenges Ideas for Your Killer Stag Night

stag warrior

When you see a bunch of rowdy guys out on a stag do, your mind might begin to wander. You may envision a tribe of males thousands upon thousands of years ago. These crazy, screaming, tongue wagging warriors might be jumping through the woods under a full moon with torches ablaze. Inexplicably, one may dump his scrotum into an icy cold river while the others hoot and holler. And by some unforeseen force, that same man might lick the armpit of the stranger as he stands horrified at the dancing show of machismo around him. Each warrior is eager to outdo each other in stupidity as a hierarchy of dominance emerges.

That’s all to say that stag do dares and challenges go back thousands upon thousands of years. It’s etched into our male DNA really. There’s nothing we can do about it. You might as well steer into the skid and get the most out of it while you can. Connect with your ancestors. Incorporate some of these bucks night challenges into your stag party to make for one amazing, tribal, unforgettable event.

Don’t Say No For An Hour

Guys are not that really privy to the wardrobes of others. That is to say, what you remember about your bucks night is the actions taken and not the clothes worn. That’s why it is important to focus on Bucks day challenges that focus on action. Leave the dressing up for the bachelorettes.

This first game is simple — the man to be wed cannot say no for one hour. This game will start off fairly innocently as you asking questions in which yes is an embarrassing answer, such as, “Do you want to bang your sister?” And everyone will have a good laugh. But after a few shots, stuff is going to get real weird, especially if female strangers discover that they can control a man. Don’t be surprised to hear, “Jump in the fountain,” or, “Hand over your boxers,” or “Lick that strange man’s armpit.”

Fanny Pack Full Of Love

As far as funny stag do challenges go, this one ranks up there with the best. Get a ridiculous Fanny pack for your mate. National flags look best for that Bogan look. Now go ahead and stuff that Fanny pack with the funniest thing that you can find. Raid your mom’s underwear drawer for that old-school vibrator, stand self-consciously in line at the pharmacy to buy that anal herpes cream, and steal birth control pills from your girlfriend.

Strap that Bogan-looking pack onto your mate and tell him to give away all the items in the pack to women. He’s not allowed to look in, he’s only allowed to rummage with his hand before presenting his present. Take pictures.

Sing Like Pavarotti

With this one we’re going to fuse a few bucks party challenges ideas. Set a timer for one hour. Better yet, have your mate hold an hourglass as you bar hop. If he tips the hourglass, he’s got started all over again.

During this hour of sheer comedy, all he can do to communicate is sing like he’s in an opera. If he wants to drink, he’s going to have to sing to the bartender. If he says excuse me on the street, he’s got a belt it out from deep within his diaphragm. Any error starts over the hourglass.

But here’s the catch — during this time he does a variety of the normal stag party challenges. He’s got to get a drink from a blonde, brunette and a redhead. He has to exchange underwear with a woman in a bar. Your mate has to convince two women to make out in honor of his upcoming nuptials. Simply set up a list of hilarious challenges that he has to do while singing. If he doesn’t complete them, the hourglass starts over again.

Make Stag Parties Great Again By Being A Warrior

The Internet is full of bachelor party dares, but pick them wisely. Don’t be a Nancy and all dress up the same or force the bachelor to wear a dress. Do your ancestors proud and dare the bachelor to take brave action for an unforgettable night.

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