5 Fantabulous Bucks Party Activities in Gold Coast


When it is time to say goodbye to your mate’s bachelor days, might as well give him a viking funeral on the Gold Coast. Don’t literally sail him out onto the water in a dingy full of hay while you fire flaming arrows at him, but do figuratively burn the night down. Seize the entire day, from sun up to sun down, before sending your mate out of on dingy full of hay while firing flaming arrows at him. But seriously, don’t do that.

Gold Coast is party central and there’s something to do at any time during the day. So be the best mate you possibly can be and plan the party of a lifetime by incorporating these five bucks party ideas in Gold Coast.

1. Charter Deep Sea Fishing

Fisherman get up at the ass crack of dawn, so rouse your mates for an early morning on the open seas. There’s nothing more manly than killing and you’ll get to do plenty of that aboard your own charter fishing boat. Load up your mates, listen to your guide explain how to fish, take over a rod and stare at the sea. Ever heard the expression “hurry up and wait”? Well, you’ll know the meaning of it after looking at the swells for a few hours.

But there will be one glorious moment where someone who hasn’t fished before snags the big one. There will be an epic battle worthy of YouTube fame. Then, suddenly, he’ll pull a 5-pound fish up onto the boat while falling backwards in exhaustion. Make sure to take a trophy pic.

2. Clay Pigeon Shooting

What’s more manly than killing fish? Shooting guns at pretend birds. You can put on some authoritative sunglasses, chew a strand of hey, butt a shotgun to your shoulder and take aim at flying clay disks. You even get to yell “Pull!” before you miss the target completely.

This is a bucks party activities in Gold Coast because it gets the blood flowing without having to drink just yet. You can have a full day of events before someone passes out. And with every bang of the gun, the testosterone cranks up one notch. And that’s good because you’ll need it for the Gold Coast strippers later.

3. Surfing The Gold Coast

Go surfing with the guys. What? You don’t surf? Really!? You are Australian, take some pride man. Well, it’s still a lot of fun even if you don’t surf. Actually it is the most fun when you don’t know how to surf because it’s hilarious watching as you get knocked off your board struggling to get out there.

At the very least, you guys can all look like surfers to the local lassies. And it would look quite silly of you to be talking to women in one of the best places for surfing if you weren’t at least trying to look like a surfer.

4. Golf With Bunnies

After shooting shotgun pellets into the great blue yonder, get the competitive juices flowing with some of that famous gold coast golf. Except, this golf is with a twist. You can hire a beautiful woman or two to accompany you during the shoot. Watch as your mates really try to crank up their games to impress the ladies. And there’s one thing that is certain — they are not impressed.

This is one of the best Gold Coast Bucks party ideas because you can start drinking… slowly. The pace of the game will pace your game. It’s a double whammy and it will allow everyone to get to the finish line.

5. Gold Coast Strippers

Everyone knows that Gold Coast is known for its nightlife. You don’t need to be told that the beach town is a party city. What you do need to do is decide just how you will take your strippers.

There are plenty of strip club options but that requires a lot of coordination and blokes can get lost in a drunken haze. The best bucks night ideas in Gold Coast include a stripper in a private hotel room. They come to you, you get to share the night just with your mates, and it’s easy to keep everyone in the game.

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