The Best Ideas for a Bucks Night in Sydney

Sydney's Darling Harbour

When your friend is getting married, giving him an amazing stag do is a great way to help him say goodbye to the single life. Though you could just do a quiet gathering at someone’s house, going all out is even more fun. Fortunately, there are plenty of great ideas for people within all sorts of price ranges. If you and your mates are considering having a bucks party in Sydney, be sure to think about one of these fantastic options. Each one would be a fantastic choice for a single celebration, or you could combine several ideas to create a bucks party that lasts the entire weekend.

Going Out Clubbing

clubbing in Sydney

Sydney has great nightlife, so it is no surprise that there are many clubs which can be ideal if you are looking for bucks night ideas in Sydney. This is one of the most classic bucks party activities, and it can easily be combined with other daytime activities to make an entire bucks weekend. A pub crawl through several bars and clubs is always fun, and you can kick it up a notch by hiring a party bus to take your crew to all of the best clubs, bars, and strip clubs in Sydney. Home, Civic Underground, and Tokyo Sing Song are a few of the clubs that you will definitely want to experience while doing your bucks night. Splurge for a VIP package so your whole group can enjoy relaxing at a private table and getting bottle service.

Cruising Through Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour cruise

No list of Sydney bucks party ideas is complete without a cruise through the Sydney harbour. There are companies, such as Centrefold Bucks Cruises and XXX Bucks Cruises, that specialise in throwing bucks parties on boats. They typically have all inclusive food and drink options, stunning waitresses, and strip shows for the whole group to enjoy. Choose a day cruise to get some sun and relax before hitting the town, or pick a nighttime outing to spend your evening partying hard. You and your mates can enjoy every part of a classic bucks party while enjoying views of the Sydney harbour.

Having Fun With Sports

sports fans
If you are looking for bucks day ideas in Sydney, catching a rugby or football game can be an excellent option. Real fans will love the chance to watch a game at the Stadium Australia or Sydney Football Stadium , and even crew members who do not enjoy the sport will enjoy getting to drink beer and snack on food. Hiring a corporate box to watch the game will make it even better, since everyone can relax and enjoy some food and drinks before hitting the town that night. If sitting back and watching sports is not your idea of fun, try driving go karts or playing paintball for a more active experience.

Throwing a Private Party

party in a hotel

If no one in your group feels like going out, a private party can be just as enjoyable. Whether you rent a private hotel room or another one of the bucks party venues in Sydney, you can definitely find a space that will accommodate all party members. Since the entire crew will probably contribute money to the party fund, it can be surprisingly easy to rent a venue for your party. However, all of these party tips will work just as well if you are throwing a party at a private home.

Drinks – No bucks party would be complete without plenty of alcohol, but it is important to get the right types of booze. Though wine or complicated cocktails might be alright, a safe choice is always going to be beer and liquor. If you have the budget for it, hiring a bartender who can mix up drinks for everyone will definitely be appreciated. Drinking games are always some of the most fun bucks party activities, so be sure to have any cards or other items needed for a game.

Food – Though the booze is most people’s favorite part of a bucks party, it is just as important to have good food. Having tasty food is always good for a party, and people are less likely to get hungover or sick if they are not drinking on an empty stomach. Instead of tiny, bland appetizers, choose hearty foods that will keep people full all night, and try to pick items that are easy to eat without using utensils or being spilled everywhere. To avoid having to bother with planning out all of the food yourself, contact a catering company who can provide meals for the night. Depending on the venue you pick, staff may be available to sort out all of the food.

Music – Keep the party going by always having the perfect music playing. For a big event, hiring a DJ to get everyone in the mood with dance music can be a great idea. For small bucks parties, a simple playlist can work just as well, as long as you have decent speakers. Try to include a mix of your friends’ favorite songs and top radio hits. Just keep in mind that if you get a hotel room, you might have to keep the noise level down.

When planning a bucks night for your friends, keep in mind that it does not have to be a stressful event. As long as there are plenty of drinks, attractive women, and good food, everyone will be certain to have a good time. And with all of the many activities available in Sydney, you can definitely find something that the whole crew will enjoy.

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