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It turns out that the stag party is not a modern creation. Way back in 5th century B.C., dudes who were about to step into a life of adult responsibilities were feted at a dudes-only gatherings. The Spartans, known for their warrior ways rather than their partying prowess, appeared to have started the tradition of gathering around a feast to toast the groom and wish him well in his new life. With food, booze and rollicking Spartan fun, a good time was had by all. These classic elements of a successful stag party remain, but today’s parties are louder, less inhibited and loaded with creativity on several fronts, especially in the party attire department.

Why Men Need Their Bucks Party Costumes

Clothes make the man, and stag clothing often define the party atmosphere. For many partygoers, getting dressed for a bucks event is part of the fun. You can choose to become someone else at this party. It is a chance to lose your inhibitions, if only for one night, by declaring the existence of your alter ego on bucks party shirts personalized for the occasion.

Themed stag parties are all the rage because it encourages invitees to bring their A-game to a spirited party that will most likely see eight versions of Batman and six approximations of Superman. Buck outfits that conform to a theme can be simplified designs or sophisticated cosplay versions.

What to Wear to a Bachelor Party

Even when the party organizer declares “come as you are” as the official attire, you still want to show up with your wit and wild party spirit on display. After all, this is your chance to toast and roast your buddy with whom you have shared many spit promises over the years.

1. Bucks Party Shirts

Customized T-shirts are popular alternatives for bucks party costumes ideas. With a little planning and coordination, the stag event can become a message-filled and meme-dominated party. Witty messages emblazoned on T-shirts provide a passive-aggressive way to roast the groom and the institution of marriage.

Shirts can illustrate farcical designs such as printed-on tuxedos, iron-on lace lingerie or two-piece swimwear. Shirts may also be bedazzled, embroidered or screen printed with the team name, mascot or any self-effacing message just for fun. Custom-designed T-shirts for bucks parties are convenient to produce and cost-appropriate for an item that will not likely be used again except as proof of a night to remember.

2. Morph Suits

Different versions of morph suits make interesting bucks outfits for a night of toasting the macho in a roomful of raging testosterone. Essentially, a morph suit re-sculpts the body to create a lifeguard-ready specimen. The suits may be fitted with pre-sculpted padding to mimic muscles in the right places. Sculpting may be accomplished with inflatable sections attached to a basic shirt.

Among the most popular morph suit designs are the Baywatch lifeguard, professional bodybuilder and the simulated naked body suit. These suits come in full body suits, a top-only version or a partial suit showing realistic pectoral and abdominal muscles.

3. Superhero Outfits

Stag night would not be complete without giving dudes a chance to live out superhero fantasies that were nurtured since the sandlot days. The bachelor party may be the last chance to act out these bucket-list items. With so many superhero movies these days, finding the hero attire of your choice should not be a problem. Characters from the Marvel and DC universe have been recently reborn on screen: Spiderman, Hulk and Captain America for Marvel and Superman, Batman and Superboy from the DC archives.

4. Too-Ugly-They’re-Cute Outfits

To emphasize the laid-back and laugh-out-loud nature of stag events, consider novel bucks party costume ideas. One of a kind suits featuring the prints or design elements that were in fashion during the groom’s birth year will create an interesting backdrop for a wild party. Loud floral patterns, Elvis-inspired embellished suits or sparkly leisure suits from the disco era make for interesting bucks party costumes.

5. Suits and Tuxes

It’s possible that the bachelor night venue is a staid location that calls for gentlemanly decorum. If this is the case, stick with the banker suits. It will give you more mileage when you play strip poker. Make sure that this isn’t the same suit slated for the wedding ceremony because these stag party suits have a way of ending up lost or needing biohazard containment at the end of the night.

Where to Find Stag Clothing

Check the back of your closet or the cold weather storage for outfits that fall under the ugly-but-cute category. Vintage stores and your grandparents’ closet may yield some great finds while shops that specialize in costumes and party events may carry a line or two of bucks outfits. Check online-only and traditional stores specializing in weddings and special events for possible stag outfits, and let your imagination fly free as you try to assemble an outfit suitable for a memorable night of fun with friends.


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