Ending Bachelorhood With a Bang: Four Great Bucks Party Games

bucks party games

The bucks party is a time-honoured tradition celebrating a man’s final night — or nights — of freedom before his wedding. Although people have varying ideas as to the type of conduct that’s acceptable at a bucks party, the one commonality is that men tend to think of it as a final chance to “relive the old days” and have one last great time together before settling into family life.

If you’re planning a bucks party for a mate, it isn’t enough to simply gather all of his friends in one place and let debauchery ensue. To really make the night great, you need a little structure so no one ends up feeling bored and wondering what to do next. Do you need some ideas? You’re in luck! We’ve got four great games to play at a bucks party, and each game has simple bucks party rules that anyone can learn.

Bucks Party Challenges

Bucks party challenges are essentially dares that the groom-to-be — or all of the groomsmen — must complete before the bucks party ends. You can make the challenges more fun for all participants by adding an element of risk or reward. For example, you could give each groomsman a different challenge. Each person who fails a challenge must buy a round of drinks for the entire group. Alternatively, you could have the groom-to-be complete all of the challenges and drink a shot for each failed challenge. You could also have each groomsman contribute money to a pool for each completed challenge to help fund the groom’s honeymoon. Here are a few of our favourite challenges for a bucks party.

  • Go to a market and buy nothing but a cucumber, Vaseline and a dirty magazine. Check out with a male cashier, and ask him what time his shift ends. Bonus points for getting his phone number.
  • Wear a plain white t-shirt and get as many women as possible to sign it.
  • Get a kiss from a pensioner.
  • Convince two women to kiss each other.
  • Beat a security guard in an arm wrestling competition.

Bucks Night Drinking Games

Nearly all of the best bucks party games involve more than a little bit of drinking, so we’ve got two great bucks night drinking games that your mates are guaranteed to love. Remember to stay safe, though. Don’t let anyone go too far, and don’t let anyone drive drunk.

The Repetitive Song Drinking Game

This is a really easy one. Give each man a full pint, and ask the DJ to play a song with repetitive lyrics. Each person must take a sip when he hears the magic word — and the last person to take a sip has to finish his glass and pour a new one. Need some song ideas? We’ve got a few for you:

  • “Roxanne” by the Police
  • “Fame” by David Bowie
  • “Jammin'” by Bob Marley

Would You Rather?

To play the “Would You Rather?” drinking game, you’ll pose a series of difficult questions to each person at the party. Each person chooses silently between two equally unattractive options, and then the votes are tallied. Each person who selects the less popular option must imbibe. Here are a few great questions to get you started:

  • Would you rather have cheese powder stuck to your fingers for the rest of your life, or spend the rest of your life with popcorn stuck in your teeth?
  • Would you rather give up Internet access for the rest of your life, or be forced to listen to S Club 7 for 12 hours every day?
  • Would you rather change your gender every time you yawn, or change gender once — permanently?

Two Truths and a Lie

A bucks party is the perfect opportunity to reminisce with your mates about the great times you enjoyed together in the past — but how well do you really know one another? Play Two Truths and a Lie to find out. In turn, each person at the party tells three brief stories about himself. The trick, though, is that one of the stories must be a lie. The group should work together to determine which of the three stories is false. If you like, turn Two Truths and a Lie into a drinking game by requiring the storyteller to imbibe if the group guesses the lie correctly.

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