Fun Things to Do on Your Bucks Party Cruise in Sydney

Bucks Party Cruise

Fellas, it’s time to get Ship Faced. That’s right, your mate is getting married and you have to ship him off in Viking funeral flames of glory. But what if his Misses doesn’t want him around any women for his stag’s night out in Sydney? Don’t worry, you can ease her nerves by saying that you’ll be in a boat the entire time. And unless she’s worried about mermaids, no random women will be around.

Titties On The Bar

Just kidding, they’ll be naked women serving you drinks while you sail around Sydney Harbour, but she doesn’t need to know that. After all, they are not “random women”, are they? No, they are paid professionals ready to make your guy’s night out legendary. Tell her it’s a fishing trip or that your mates really want to see the Harbour Bridge or the Opera House from the water. Yeah, sell her on the idea that your mates are really “into the architecture”… of a woman’s body!

It’s OK To Be A Delinquent… Cause You’re On A Boat!

Nobody likes the guy who drinks during the day and goes to the titty bar on a Tuesday morning. That guy is creepy. But everyone thinks it’s cool to drink, party and see titties during the day on a boat! Any day, all summer long! Screw it, even all winter long!

Since you can hire a bucks party cruise in Sydney any day of the week, in the morning, day or night, you can always have an epic party and everyone around will think it’s awesome. Your delinquent tendencies will be rewarded, so go for it! Indulge.

Poker Is Also Cool On A Bucks Party Cruise

When there are naked women around, gambling is not too far away. It’s not just a boob cruise, you can buy the XXX Poker Party. You get lingerie poker dealers, a table, cards and chips, and it is all topped off with an X-rated stripper show. Because nothing makes you feel more alpha male than winning your mate’s money and then getting the full Monty from your sexy card dealer.

Keep It Tame?… Nah

There are levels of nudity on bucks cruises in Sydney. You can choose to have women in lingerie serve you drinks followed by an R-rated strip tease. Nothing you can’t see on TV, in case someone on the boat is easily offended.

But then you can really turn it up. Go for full-on X-rated strip shows or go really big — the Lesbian Shows. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen two beautiful women enjoy each other… on a boat! Don’t look away. Enjoy it. You get to be an alter ego on a boat, leaving the boring you on shore.

The Perks Of A Stag Cruise

There are plenty of benefits to send your mate off with a bang on a cruise. First of all, planning sucks. Do you really want to spend an entire night of your life looking up restaurant and bar reviews, crafting the perfect pub crawl that leads to the strip club at the end of the night? The answer is simple — NO! Just tell your mate you got a boat. Excitement ensures. You win.

You keeps the guy’s heads in the game. If you were in the real world, on the mainland, you could shoot a wildlife documentary about your friend’s mating rituals. You can see their chests puff up and their pupils narrow as they look at all the women around them. This night is supposed to be about you guys, booze and boobs. Don’t let the everyday distractions you’d find at a bar destroy the stag’s night.

When you are on a boat, you have a legitimate excuse not to call your girlfriend to check in. This comes with some major benefits. You won’t be checking the time and worrying, and you are completely off the hook. Relax. Get a drink and look at some titty. You’ve got an alibi — “My phone didn’t get reception out on the harbour.”


There is no shortage of party cruises in Australia bux party ideas out there. Look through this blog for some epic games and themes. But after reading this, you have no excuse not to hit the open seas with some titties.

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