Make it a Bucks Night in Melbourne to Remember with These Creative Party Ideas

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Are you putting together a bucks party for a mate who’s about to tie the knot? Since it’s going to be his last night of single, carefree freedom with his friends, make it a night to remember. Instead of doing the generic pub crawl thing, plan a fantastic themed party evening out on the town in Melbourne. In the city, you’ll have a much wider array of options, and it will be much easier to plan an event that befits such an important moment in any man’s life. You probably don’t plan bucks parties very often, so get some inspiration from the following Melbourne bucks party ideas.


Host a Private Party


If you don’t have the budget to spend an entire evening in Melbourne, don’t worry! Hosting a private party at your place is a viable alternative, and you can use the money that you save by hosting it yourself on exceptional entertainment and other amenities. As far as bucks party ideas in Melbourne go, this is probably the simplest to put together. If you’re running out of time, then, this may be the option for you.


The best private bucks parties are kept afloat by enlisting the help of high-quality entertainers. The sky is virtually the limit here, as you can take your pick from a huge array of gorgeous, professional strippers, dancers, barmaids and others who will go to great lengths to ensure that you and your mates have the time of your lives. Even something as simple as hiring a topless barmaid can make the night a lot more interesting. You’ll want the drinks to flow, so you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. Lesbian shows are a big hit, and you could set one up to serve as the highlight of the evening.


Organise a Cruise

Cruise Yarra

Roaming Melbourne on foot while getting good and toasted on beers, ciders and various types of liquor is unlikely to end well. By organising a cruise for your bucks party, you and your mates will get to see the sights without having to worry about finding your way around. Cruises along the Yarra River are readily available. Many cruises leave around sunset and continue into the wee hours of the night. You typically have to bring a minimum number of guests, so plan on filling up the boat with your best mates.


Plan plenty of fun activities to enjoy while on board the cruise. Music is a must, and it needn’t be live. Make sure that the sound system is compatible with smartphones and other devices so guests can play their own playlists if they’d like. Have the event catered to ensure that there are plenty of tasty treats to enjoy. Choose a cruise that includes an open bar for the fun and convenience of attendees. Consider hiring a few topless barmaids to serve drinks, or have professional strippers or dancers come out for a few hours to keep the lads entertained.


Get a Hotel Room in the Melbourne CBD

Melbourne hotel room

Pull an all-nighter by booking a luxury hotel room or suite right in Melbourne CBD. A centralised location ensures that everything will be within easy walking distance. You and your mates can bring the entertainment to you by hiring professional strippers and dancers to visit the room, or you can just hit some of the best strip clubs and bars in the area by exploring the CBD on foot. If you decide to party in the room, make sure that it’s large enough to accommodate your desired festivities.


Bucks party activities in Melbourne are all the more enjoyable when no one has to worry about finding their way home at the end of the night, which is why booking an upscale hotel is such a fantastic idea. As long as there’s enough room, you will be able to have live entertainment by beautiful, scantily clad women or several poker tables where your mates can drink and play until late in the evening. Melbourne CBD is jam-packed with excellent dining options, so make a reservation at one of the best places and break up the festivities with a first-rate meal and premium drinks.


Naked Sushi

Naked sushi

If you really want to plan a bucks party that no one will ever forget, consider naked sushi. The premise is simple–and sizzling. You and the other attendees will enjoy a full array of premium sushi. The food isn’t really the main draw here, though–the way in which it’s served is. You see, the sushi is artfully arranged over the naked body of a stunning professional stripper. You and your mates then get to eat the sushi directly off of her body. It’s a lot of scintillating, hilarious fun, and it’s the kind of thing that everyone will be talking about for years to come.


Of course, naked sushi would just be the main attraction. Like other bucks night ideas for Melbourne, you’ll need to arrange a few additional things to keep the festivities moving along. One option is to make naked sushi the climactic event of the evening by planning it for late at night. Earlier in the evening, you and your mates can go out for a bite, hit some clubs for dancing and other fun, hit some pubs to throw back a few pints and otherwise eat, drink and be merry. Knowing that naked sushi awaits you will make the evening that much more exciting.


Poker Night

sexy poker dealer

Chances are that you and your mates already get together for poker from time to time. Why would we include this on a list of bucks day ideas for Melbourne? Because you can have a poker party with a special twist. Instead of hiring a regular poker dealer, hire a topless one. Indeed, topless female poker dealers are available for hire, and they don’t just deal cards. They flirt with and excite the guests, which makes the game a lot more interesting.


Wherever you decide to hold your bucks party, consider hiring a company to provide all of the poker supplies. They’ll set up a professional poker table and provide chips, cards and other essentials. With that kind of setup, you and your mates will feel like you’ve been transported to Las Vegas. That’s truer still if you throw in a few topless dancers or waitresses to wait on everyone while they’re playing. You can start out the evening by playing a few rounds and then go hit the sights, or you can end the evening with some poker. However you arrange it, it’s certain to be a night for the record books–and a wonderful send off into married life for your good friend.
A bucks night is a man’s last chance to act a fool with his mates. If you’re responsible for planning it, do yourself a favor and enlist the help of professionals. A party planning service can supply you with entertainers as well as a fun itinerary and all of the supplies that you’ll need. Unless you’re a party planner by trade, planning this kind of event entirely on your own will be too overwhelming. Ensure an amazing and unforgettable bucks night for you and your mates by using one or more of the above Melbourne bucks party ideas.

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